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As the students of Oak Hill High prepare for graduation, two seniors and their families take center stage. Willow receives her diploma to deafening silence, and she soon must confront the sudden loss of her mother on what should be a joyous day. Struggling with grief, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning to find hope and strength within herself, with her aunt Lily by her side.

Willow's best friend Tyler, unaware of his biological parents, begins to question his roots while attempting to break a generational barrier with his adoptive father, Tom. Bobby, adopted several years after Tyler, longs to be heard and understood, navigating the challenges of adolescence and the desire to carve out his own identity. Tom just tries to keep it all together, while facing struggles on his own.

As the characters confront their fears, insecurities, and aspirations, See The Light explores themes of resilience, family, and the transformative power of self-discovery. The musical unfolds through a vibrant rock score that mirrors the emotional intensity of the characters' experiences.

Taking Control - from See The Light
I Saw The Light - from See The Light

Original Works

Cover Songs



Musician, Songwriter, and Certified Audio Engineer


Location: East Coast, USA

Available for: Creative Writing, Demo Recording, Voice Acting, Live Performance, Content Creation

Original Works playlist 100% written, recorded, and performed by Mike.

All other material on this site was played, recorded, and mixed by Mike in his home studio, Nighthawk Audio. See The Light demos feature Peggy Heffernan as Willow Rogers.

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